Thank You Donors
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Thank You Donors!

Your donations to Trustees for Alaska in 2013 are symbols of your faith in us. They are invaluable and heartening as we work to protect Alaska’s most precious resources – its wildlands and rich natural heritage. Your contributions are also essential to sustain our work to preserve the wildness that we all love.

Trustees for Alaska is the only public interest environmental law firm solely devoted to Alaska. With our core of experienced and dedicated attorneys, and our devoted and generous donors, we secure Alaska’s future one case at a time. Your generous support allows us to undertake legal work at no charge to our brave clients willing to fight for the benefit of all against those who would block access to lands, pollute lands and waters, adversely impact subsistence resources, and take away basic rights of the public to have a say in decision-making. Trustees is there when problems emerge, and we are there through the long haul – and as the last line of defense – to reach legal solutions to environmental problems.  With your support, Trustees remains vigilant in protecting Alaskans’ rights to clean air, clean water and healthy and sustainable environments for people and wildlife.

Thank You!

Now is a great time to get ahead of your 2014 donations with a donation to Trustees for Alaska. Alaskans can donate part or all of their Permanent Fund Dividend through Pick.Click.Give. And anyone can donate through our website at any time.


Together we protect Alaska.