Water for Salmon - April 2015 - Alaska Brief Newsletter
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Water for Salmon, Not Coal: Alaska Brief Newsletter – March 2015

Dear Supporter:

Let’s Not Trade Salmon for Coal

Across Cook Inlet from Anchorage lies a wild salmon stream that a coal mining company wants to destroy for a strip mine. We think that’s a bad idea, which is why we represent Chuitna Citizens Coalition in their fight to keep the stream wild and flowing.

Back in 2009, we submitted water reservation applications with the State of Alaska to keep water in the stream for salmon. Those applications are finally being processed by the Department of Natural Resources. The public comment period is open and DNR needs to hear that you support salmon over coal.

Every voice counts, so please add yours to ensure this wild salmon stream is protected from coal mining.

Learn more about Chuitna and Alaska Salmon

Warm Regards,



Vicki Clark

Executive Director


Pebble Alaska Supreme Court Case Still Pending
Each week we await the Alaska Supreme Court’s decision in the Pebble constitutional case argued in December 2013. Alaskans challenged the decades of exploration permits for the Pebble Project on the grounds that the Department of Natural Resources should have analyzed and allowed public participation in the decision making. It could be days, weeks, or months before we learn the decision, but when it happens, you will be among the first to know the results.

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