Wishbone Hill Lawsuit: Alaska Brief Newsletter - April 2015
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Wishbone Hill Lawsuit: Alaska Brief Newsletter – April 2015

Dear Supporter:

Spring is here a little early this year, which is a welcome relief from ice and very little snow. Soon, young salmon will begin their journeys to the ocean where some will survive to be caught for a meal. Salmon is a cultural, communal, and commercial touchstone and one of the icons of Alaska. Defending salmon habitat is an important part of Trustees for Alaska’s work.

I urge all Alaskans to not wait until the last moment to add your voice to save water for salmon and prevent the Chuitna strip coal mine from destroying fish habitat. The deadline is fast approaching—Thursday, April 9th. Chuitna Citizens Coalition has made it easy to comment with a pre-written email that goes to all the critical decision makers.

This water reservation is the first private application that the State will decide and is a groundbreaking precedent for citizens to protect salmon.

Every voice counts, so please add yours to protect wild salmon streams from coal mining.



Vicki Clark

Executive Director



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