Alaska Brief - August 2015 - Newsletter
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Alaska Brief Newsletter – August 2015

Dear Supporter:

Sea otters live in Resurrection Bay and are seen daily from the town of Seward. NPS Photo

Sea otters live in Resurrection Bay and are seen daily from the town of Seward. NPS Photo

Coal has been spilling into Resurrection Bay for decades, as it is loaded onto huge cargo ships bound for Asian and South American markets. And there was no regulation of this pollution.

After a six year battle, Trustees for Alaska proved in court this spillage of tens of thousands of pounds of coal was violating the Clean Water Act. We represent Alaska Community Action on Toxics and the Alaska Chapter of the Sierra Club in this case.

The Seward Coal Loading Facility must now comply with the law. They have finally applied for a permit and will have to make modifications to control coal spilling into the Bay. These measure are long overdue. We are glad to be part of improving the health of Resurrection Bay.

Learn more about the battle to improve the health of Resurrection Bay.

Everyone at Trustees was pleased with President Obama taking the bold and necessary step to control greenhouse gas emissions by the United States by enacting his Clean Power Plan.

Sadly, Alaska’s coal-fired power plants are exempt from complying with the new rules and reducing their emissions. That means Alaska will continue to contribute to the world’s climate-related problems, including our own—from thawing permafrost to melting glaciers and eroding coastal areas.




Vicki Clark

Executive Director



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