Alaska Brief - July 2015 - Newsletter
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Alaska Brief Newsletter – July 2015

Dear Supporter:
Often times, as the legal defenders of Alaska’s amazing places, we spend most of our time sitting at our desks looking at two screens, both reading the fine print and writing arguments. Our day-to-day work is far removed from the spectacular places we strive to protect. In June I had the great opportunity to spend several days in one of those places – the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

I was reminded of all the reasons why Trustees for Alaska has worked for decades to protect the Arctic Refuge. Huge country, outstanding wilderness values, wild caribou, incredible beauty… so many superlatives!

I accompanied (and cooked for) several Trustees for Alaska Board members and donors on a trip to the Aichilik River. I’m still smiling when I think about the sights, the good company, stimulating conversations, and the collective enthusiasm for protecting this special place forever.

Vickie Clark enjoying beautiful scenery and sunny skies in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

Enjoying beautiful scenery and sunny skies in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

Read about our trip

Warm Regards,

Vicki Clark
Executive Director


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