EPA Moves to Protect Bristol Bay: March 2014 Newsletter
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Connect, Like, Follow: Alaska Brief Newsletter – March 2014

Trustees leaps into the modern age with new website and social media

Dear Supporter:

You can now connect to Trustees for Alaska’s work to protect Alaska in several digital platforms. Our new website is much easier to navigate and to find the latest news. Everything you need is accessible from the home page; just scoll down to see all your options.

We also have a Facebook page with regular posts about the most pressing environmental issues facing Alaska. Our ‘likes’ are growing and I hope you are one of them! If not, LIKE US! Trustees is also now on Instagram, Pinterest, and we are Tweeting! Follow us to get the lastest news about Alaska’s conservation issues, including how Trustees’ work is making a difference. We also share items of interest about Alaska and items of interest for people who care about the planet and ensuring its care.




Vicki Clark

Executive Director


Read all the stories in this issue:

Pebble Constitutional Case Appealed to Alaska’s Supreme Court

EPA Moves to Protect Bristol Bay Under 404(C) Authority

EPA Releases Watershed Assessment

Colleen Burgh Fund for Science and the Law Established


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