Interns heads back to law school, says "Farewell, Alaska. I'll be back!"
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“Farewell Alaska, I’ll be back!”

In May, our summer interns, Maggie and Jenna, jumped into legal research and writing, and into exploring the state, but how time flies! Maggie Massey finished her time with us last week and heads back to finish her last year of law school this fall. She wrote about water rights in an earlier blog post, and here reflects on her time in Alaska and with Trustees.

Maggie’s dog Brownie joined her in the office and in the mountains. Photo courtesy Maggie Massey.

It is hard for me to believe that my internship with Trustees has come to an end. The past ten weeks were a blur of substantive legal work, thoughtful conversations, and playful office dog antics.

I was able to work on issues that I care deeply about, including water rights and protection of the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Internship inspired career in public interest law

The attorneys at Trustees for Alaska gave me inspiration and guidance when I began my journey into law school, and I have always hoped for the chance to intern here. This summer exceeded all of my expectations, and I am returning to Oregon with redoubled excitement for a career in public interest law.

I am grateful for the detailed feedback and advice that I received from all the attorneys at Trustees. My legal writing and analytical skills have grown and sharpened throughout this summer as a result of the time they invested in me.

The Trustees for Alaska team is dedicated to their work and to the resiliency and vibrancy of its staff. I am thankful that they welcomed me into their community.

Hiking Lost Lake in Alaska. Photo courtesy Maggie Massey.

Alaska always beckons

In addition to my legal work, I spent my weekends exploring the mountains. I fished, hiked, berry-picked and backpacked in the small portion of Alaska that is road-accessible.

I had the opportunity to recharge in the landscapes that inspire me, from Fairbanks to McCarthy, to Seward. This summer confirmed my commitment to return to Alaska post-graduation and continue working as an advocate for human rights and environmental justice.

Thank you for an amazing summer, Trustees!