Alaska Brief - February 2015 - Newsletter
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Just Say No to Coal: Alaska Brief Newsletter – February 2015

Dear Supporter, 
In last month’s edition of the Alaska Brief I shared with you a synopsis of the important cases we’ll be working on in 2015 with you. This month, I’m giving you more information about how we are working in Alaska to have a positive impact globally.

Coal is dirty business and is one of the biggest threats to the planet. Alaska is the “Saudi Arabia of coal,” housing one-eight of the world’s coal reserves. Thankfully, for the most part they are still locked underground. One of Trustees for Alaska’s top priorities is keeping Alaska’s coal in the ground and not contributing to the world’s greenhouse gas emission problem.

We take climate change seriously. Plus keeping Alaska’s coal in the ground is good for people and salmon and it benefits the planet!




Vicki Clark

Executive Director


Read the stories in this issue:

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Colleen Burgh Fund for Science and the Law



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