Looking to do good work in digital comms? We may have the role for you!
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Looking to do good work in digital comms?

Do you love sharing people’s stories and bringing clarity to complex issues? Do you know how to use digital media platforms to advocate for the health of Alaska communities, animals, waterways and lands? If so, we may have the digital comms role for you.

We’re looking for a digital media coordinator for a three to four-month summer gig starting in May or June. The position would involve an estimated 20 hours a week and a short-term contract that pays comparable to $15-$19/hour.

What we’re building

The goal here is to step up our game on social media, in email marketing, and through our website. Knowing how to communicate ideas and stories through these channels is the key qualification. Design experience is a plus, and a commitment to equity and justice a must.

The person in this role will create and distribute a breadth of online content from blog posts to social media toolkits, and help the communications program expand its range of messages and audiences, while creatively expanding the digital program.

How we work

We’re a nonprofit organization in Anchorage with a mission to help build a just and inclusive Alaska with healthy lands, waters, communities, and animals. We bring dogs (and sometimes cats) to the office, and we get outside whenever we can. We care about the people we work with and have a mighty track record in court.

We provide legal services for free to a range of people and groups working to protect their communities from oil and mining projects, prevent the degradation and destruction of public lands, and sustain animal diversity and habitat.

Trustees puts caring for Alaska, the planet, and each other at the center of our work. If you’re got a knack for digital comms and are eager to help fight for the health of Alaska’s land, water, people and animals (and patience with legalese and introverts) then get in touch!   Find out more here.