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Alaska Brief–January 2020

I started at Trustees in 1994
as an intern working on Cook Inlet water quality issues, and later as a staff attorney and legal director who took the Pebble project to court in 2009. Yep,
we’re in court again on Pebble, and still fighting to keep pollutants out of Cook Inlet, but our partnerships and coalitions have evolved and grown.

In my nearly six years as
executive director, I’ve learned one thing–that change is coming, even when it
feels like the change we need won’t budge. … Read More

Seeking legal staff now!

While the Trump and Dunleavy administrations continue efforts to make Alaska a resource colony for Outside exploiters, we continue using our legal expertise to protect sacred places, public lands, clean water and air, the natural systems that nourish life, and the public processes that give people the power to hold decision-makers and decision-making processes accountable. Our workload demands more legal staff, so we are hiring now for a staff attorney and legal fellow. Does this sound like the law firm for you?… Read More

Now hiring an office manager!

Trustees for Alaska is seeking a full-time Office Manager in Anchorage, Alaska, to join our team in working to protect a wild and vibrant Alaska where fish, wildlife, and people thrive.  The position is available immediately. The ideal candidate will … Read More

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