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Why we like a proposed Park Service rule prohibiting destructive hunting practices on national preserves

In 2020 we went to court to stop a U.S. National Park Service rule from allowing sport hunting activities like brown bear baiting on national preserves in Alaska. We won in 2022 when a U.S. District Court judge found the rule unlawful and sent it back to Park Service to fix. Now there’s a new proposed rule and there’s a lot to like about it. … Read More

Alaska News Brief February 2023. I’m still shoveling. Let the celebration begin!

Here we are, well into Alaska’s notorious faux spring, where we’re so excited about the returning light that we forget we’ve got another two or three months of deep winter. If you love snow, Anchorage sure has it. I don’t mean to pour water on those fired up about playing in snow, but I’d be happy to do less shoveling. Especially since I’ve mostly run out of places to put it and I’m having trouble throwing snow that high!

I guess that’s the state of play for Trustees, too.… Read More

Park Service proposes hunting rule protecting wildlife in national park lands in Alaska

The National Park Service released a proposed rule earlier this month that would prohibit bear baiting, killing wolves during denning season, killing bear cubs in dens, and other hunting practices aimed at killing predator animals to manipulate natural predator-prey dynamics in national preserves in Alaska. This rule would replace a 2020 rule that allowed these practices and was later deemed illegal in court.… Read More

Our 2021 view of the lawsuits and issues

Things look far rosier now than a year ago when it comes to public lands management, clean air and water, protecting wildlife and tackling the climate crisis. The Biden administration came out of the gate with clear actions that make climate and environmental health a key component of every decision-making process across all departments. But prior federal actions and lawsuits mean the work has in many ways just begun.… Read More

Trump targets wildlife in Alaska

Despite the global pandemic and significant civil unrest, this administration has been relentlessly dismantling bedrock environmental laws and regulations. In its latest actions affecting Alaska, the Interior Department takes aim at wolves, bears, coyotes, and other wildlife in National Preserves in Alaska and in the most-visited wildlife refuge in the state, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.… Read More