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Alaska Brief–August

When we set up a system that allows us to disengage from the damage we do and stop caring about people we don’t know and those who come after us, we alienate ourselves from our connection to the planet…… Read More

Trump targets wolves

Using planes or helicopters to locate wolves and then land nearby to shoot them has been illegal on National Wildlife Refuge lands in Alaska for decades. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service originally adopted the prohibition to prevent the State … Read More

Donuts and bears don’t mix

It sounds sketchy because it is—using spotlights in dens to kill grizzly sows with cubs, wolves with cubs, or using donuts to bait grizzlies, or dogs to hunt black bears. Yet right now, the Department of the Interior has proposed … Read More

Protect bears, wolves now!

Two Alaskans made the news last month after lying about unlawfully killing a female bear and her cubs. One of the headlines noted the vulnerability and timing of the killing: A mother bear and two ‘shrieking’ newborn cubs were killed … Read More