A long walk in the Arctic

Late last June, I drove from my home in Anchorage to Fairbanks to join a group of folks for a backpacking trip in the western Arctic. The next morning, we jumped into a mail plane to the village of Anaktuvuk Pass, poised between the Anaktuvuk and John rivers within the Central Brooks Range.

It was a bumpy and spectacular ride. The wind blew hard and cold in late June, so we bundled up after landing.… Read More

Park Service proposes hunting rule protecting wildlife in national park lands in Alaska

The National Park Service released a proposed rule earlier this month that would prohibit bear baiting, killing wolves during denning season, killing bear cubs in dens, and other hunting practices aimed at killing predator animals to manipulate natural predator-prey dynamics in national preserves in Alaska. This rule would replace a 2020 rule that allowed these practices and was later deemed illegal in court.… Read More

Make your click matter by picking Trustees!

Right now and until March 31, Alaskans can support Trustees for Alaska through Pick.Click.Give. when filing for the 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend. This way of giving helps Trustees keep an eye on issues that threaten clean water, clean air, public … Read More

A bittersweet farewell: Alaska News Brief December 2022

December feels bittersweet this year.

Sweet because I love snowy mountains and am excited to begin a new chapter of conservation work, community engagement, and exploration of new places here in Vermont.

And, also, Alaska holds a special place in my heart, like it does with so many others. Leaving so much that I love about my work and life in Alaska is no easy feat.

These transitions, however rewarding and full of hope, can be challenging. And yet it was a transition that brought me to Alaska to work for Trustees years ago.… Read More

We argued in Ninth Circuit Court to protect Izembek & all national parks and refuges in Alaska

On a sunny December afternoon in Pasadena, California, we argued before a full panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to protect national parks and refuges in Alaska, and to uphold the integrity of a law intended to conserve these lands and the subsistence uses of them. We’ll talk about the oral argument soon, but we first want to overview what’s at stake.… Read More

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