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Trump gives Arctic Refuge to Big Oil

The Trump administration adopted a devastating leasing and drilling plan that gives the entire coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the oil industry. We must stop this attack on human rights, public lands, wildlife habitat and the climate crisis. … Read More

Cold with a chance of bears

I have experienced many, many bear encounters–coastal brown bears in southwest and southeast Alaska, and black bears in central Alaska—but when I joined a trip to Barter Island with five other participants I got my first chance to see the “white bears” as the people we met in the Arctic called them. … Read More

Act now

The Arctic Refuge Defense campaign includes an array of Alaska and national groups working together to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. When signing the petition, you join a movement of Alaskans and Americans protecting sacred and public lands, wildlife and wildlife habitat, food access and public health, and the health and integrity of natural places. Sign on to be heard and learn how you can take action to protect the Arctic. … Read More

Witnessing a historic vote

One of the benefits of working at Trustees for Alaska is that my work often takes me out of my office, sometimes even to the incredible places that we work to protect. Soon after I started as an attorney at Trustees, I was fortunate to be invited on a trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We spent 4 nights in the foothills of the Brooks Range, hiking and exploring the hills and braids of the Kongakut River. Surrounded by a landscape whose scale cannot be captured, the image that I return to often is that of a northern shrike nest, the speckled eggs nestled gently on a bed of ptarmigan feathers.… Read More

Alaska Brief–August

When we set up a system that allows us to disengage from the damage we do and stop caring about people we don’t know and those who come after us, we alienate ourselves from our connection to the planet…… Read More

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