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Alaska Brief–October 2019

When people use the phrase “for the birds,” they trivialize what they consider unimportant, but there’s a reason we talk about the canary in the coal mine. What happens to the birds happens to us. We cannot untangle our health … Read More

Seattle fish tales

We went to Seattle this month to celebrate the connection between Alaska salmon and the Pacific Northwest.

What we learned in our short Seattle stay is that many of our neighbors to the south understand the importance of protecting Alaska salmon and natural places. … Read More

Trump’s EPA paves way for Pebble

Politics, power and pandering mean more to the Trump administration than clean water, thriving fisheries, and healthy Alaska communities. The withdrawal of the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency Proposed Determination to protect Bristol Bay on July 30 proves that Trump’s EPA … Read More

Alaska Brief–May 2019

The Arctic got hot early this year. Klawock hit 70 degrees Fahrenheit in March, the earliest 70-degree day ever recorded in Alaska. Arctic sea ice has hit a record low. Temperatures surged 30 to 40 degreesFahrenheit above average across the … Read More

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